Caring For Your Carpet Tiles

Modular flooring is designed to be low maintenance. As long as you choose the right location for them they require very little attention. However, provide a little care and maintenance and they last many years longer.

If carpet tiles are about cost effective flooring, then only by properly maintaining them do you realise true value for money. By the metre carpet rolls are often cheaper than tiles, but even with the best maintenance and care, carpet rolls can never outlast tiles that are regularly rotated, replaced and day to day cared for.

Simple daily vacuuming and a quick response to clean up any spillages, typically made very simple as individual carpet tiles can be easily removed and taken to a nearby tap, are all your modular floor really needs. Combining that with replacement of carpet tiles getting worn, damaged or stained through rotation or straight replacement can easily double or triple the life of an office floor.

Replacing and rotating carpet tiled floors

Rotating carpet tiles in an office ensures that wear and tear to the floor, such as high traffic or sunlight bleaching, is spread around all the carpet tiles rather than a select few in the corridor or by the window. Sometimes damage, stains or bleaching just gets too much for rotation and requires replacement instead; incredibly expensive with carpet rolls and sheets but simplicity itself with a modular tiled floor.

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Cleaning carpet tiles and modular flooring

Carpet tile cleaning and care is simple. Just follow a few simple guidelines and you can ensure your modular flooring remains stain free, colour fast and new looking for many years to come. Modern tiles come with a range of features to resist sunlight, dirt and spills making maintenance typically as simple as a wipe with warm water or mild detergent.

A little care goes a long way with products like carpet tiles, designed to be low maintenance, dirt and stain resistant you will not find a more practical or reliable soft floor covering. 

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