Designed as basic and practical flooring for offices, modern carpet tiles offer so much variety and so many features that they make ideal floor coverings in commercial, public and domestic properties.

Modular flooring is incredibly adaptable and flexible across a diverse range of properties; whilst warehouses or industrial factories are fairly obvious places that carpet tiles do not make a great floor covering, it is useful to know where it makes a really good one. All kinds of commercial offices have used carpet tiles for years but it also has a home in retail, healthcare and public sector and is becoming popular in the family home for kids bedrooms, hallways or stylish minimal interior design.

Contract Carpet Tiles in Commercial Business Properties

The original intention of carpet tiles and still the standard by which they are designed; commercial environments in admin, retail, leisure, healthcare and public sector all need practical and cost effective floor coverings without the cold industrial feel of vinyl. Carpet tiles are the ideal solution offering the warmth of carpets but featured for ease of maintenance and wear resilience.

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Carpet Tiles for the Home

An increasingly popular choice in minimal and modern designed home interiors, carpet tiles can be great around kids or pets as they are easy to keep looking clean and fresh, but they also offer some great creative design possibilities. Multitudes of colours can create bold abstract shapes, patterns that mimic the natural world or just provide a checkerboard splash of colour to a room.

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Creative Modular Flooring Design

The huge range of colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and yarns used in modern carpet tiles is starting to make them a favourite with interior designers in the commercial, public and private sectors. From classic square checkerboards to stylish monolith laying or mottled biomimicry drawing inspiration from the natural world to make commercial environments feel minimal and smart without feeling sterile.

Get the best modular flooring experience by making sure you use the tiles in a suitable place; ideal for high traffic areas at home or in the office and incredibly distinctive in their design possibilities you will find places throughout the home and the office where carpet tiles are just perfect.

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