Milliken Carpet Tiles

Leading Innovations in Carpet

As the digital world began to unfold in the 1970’s, Milliken researchers saw an opportunity to digitally print on carpets and rugs. The result: the Millitron® printing machine, the industry’s first computer controlled inkjet carpet printing machine. Unlike overprinting processes that add colour only to the tips of the carpet’s fibres, Milliken’s digital textile printing process permeates carpet fibres entirely with colour. Today, this technology can print cutting edge high resolution digital patterns with a wide range of colour options and is capable of changing patterns within fractions of a second, permitting a “made to order” response time for commercial floor coverings.

Floor Covering

Milliken floor coverings beautify offices, hotels, airports, homes and commercial environments around the world. Designers, architects and home owners are inspired by their innovative patterns and textures produced through their certified carbon-neutral manufacturing methods.

 It’s Easy Being Green

The installation of modular carpet tile in a commercial setting presents challenges such as VOC off-gassing from floor sealants and adhesives. Milliken scientists invented a technology to keep carpet tiles in place without the need for wet glues or “peel and stick” dry adhesives. The invention was TractionBack® carpet backing, a high-friction coating that’s applied to Milliken’s modular flooring. Carpet tiles with TractionBack® carpet backing stay put underfoot yet can be easily moved and repositioned. No other modular carpet contributes more to LEED certification than Milliken modular carpet with TractionBack® carpet backing. Milliken is a sustainable carpet company.

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