Carpet Tile Installation

Installing carpet tiles means taking design and build elements into account; modular flooring variety creates many design possibilities and getting the installation perfect guarantees you the best performance.

From taking the time to consider exactly what you want to achieve long before buying carpet tiles, to ensuring you use them in the right location kind of place and get the installed to a standard that will bring the best out of them; installation of carpet tiles deserves some thought and planning!

Gone are the days where 50x50cm square carpet floor tiles in blue or speckled grey were all you had to choose from. Today modular flooring is the first choice of many office interior designers for the way they look as well as their practicality.

How to install carpet tiles

A range of carpet tile types, shapes and sizes means that installing carpet tiles is not as straightforward as you might think, and you could miss opportunities to get creative producing unique designs that still fit perfectly into even the most conservative and formal office décor. Get the best office interior you can by understanding how different products can be installed. 

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Using an expert carpet tile installer

In a market full of free-lay tiles or stick on glue patches it may be tempting to save money by installing carpet tiles yourself, or hiring the cheapest possible option. Like any floor covering, professionally laid modular flooring will always look better and last longer than DIY or cheaply installed products. Make sure you do not spend a fortune on great carpet tiles only to get them poorly installed!

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