Environmental Policy

Flooring Direct UK Ltd supplies soft floor finishes and is registered at Aissela House, 46 High Street, Esher, Surrey,
KT10 9QY. 

We are committed to operating all of our flooring activities in an organised and responsible manner, endeavouring at all times to ensure that the environment is not harmed by our activities or products supplied.  We believe it is necessary to adopt sound management practices, in which the protection of the environment is a high priority.

The Director of Flooring Direct UK Ltd commit to;

  • Comply with legal and other applicable requirements.    
  • Seek continual improvement.  This is to include setting and regularly reviewing objectives and targets arising from the significant environmental impacts of our activities or products supplied.
  • Operate in a manner which aims to prevent pollution.
  • Maximise operational efficiency, conserve natural resources and minimise the impact and quantity of waste generated.
  • Reduce energy wherever possible.
  • Comply with the requirements or the Environmental Standard BS8555.
  • Provide information and instruction for all employees and others working on our behalf who may have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Make this policy available to all stakeholders and the public upon request.

The Director of Flooring Direct UK Ltd will ensure that the policy commitments are met and will implement the policy on a day to day basis and will review the policy annually.

Flooring Direct UK Ltd staff are aware of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector in which they operate and seek to continually develop and improve the company's environmental compliance.