Carpet Tile Manufacturers

The commercial carpet tiles industry is dominated by a few key names constantly competing to produce the latest remarkable innovation that grabs the market’s attention.

American companies lead the commercial sector with huge investment into product development and design that have left most other manufacturers to fight over creating budget ranges or the cheapest carpet tiles possible.

Buying from one of these leading names guarantees you a quality product that really delivers what you expect it to with all kinds of added benefits available like the very latest in carpet technology from brands like Milliken Carpet Tiles or the very latest in environmentally friendly thinking from Interface Modular Flooring.

Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface is an American modular flooring manufacturer established in 1973 which has gone on to dominate the market through a series of innovations and takeovers.

The company was established on its free-lay carpet tiles which did not need an adhesive, but quickly moved to focus on environmental concerns spearheading recycled content carpet tiles and more ecologically friendly methods of producing modular flooring and conducting business. Find out more...

Heuga Modular Flooring

The original inventors of the carpet tile in 1955 and now part of the wider Interface group, Heuga continue creating stunning modular flooring systems designed primarily for use in the home, but just as suitable for many commercial properties.

Working to environmental sustainability standards their range includes an impressive colour palette and unusual design features like deeper piles or differently shaped tiles to get a modern, designed look which is still practical in senior managerial offices, fashionable retail or any office wanting to make a strong visual statement. Find out more...

Milliken Carpet Tiles

Milliken is another US market leader but produces modular flooring for the entire European market in England and has done so since 1987. Designing for private and public sector clients products vary from classic tough office carpet tiles to more luxurious deep pile and design coloured products for high-end retail and senior staff offices.

Milliken also take the environment seriously but offer real expertise in developing remarkable materials and chemicals used in products like spacesuits, plastics and car air bags, which means very advanced, tough carpet tiles. Find out more...

Choosing the right carpet tile can be about more than picking out a nice colour at the cheapest price; see what exciting innovations each manufacturer focuses on to find modular floor tiles with environmental or technological edges as well as national appeal with many of Europe’s floor tiles originating from British manufacturing operations.