Heuga Carpet Tiles

Heuga are the original inventors of the carpet tiles back in 1955, and are now part of the Interface Group.

As the brand that created carpet tiles as the ideal practical commercial alternative to traditional carpet rolls, it is only fitting that today it is part of the industry leading Interface Group and spearheading the development of carpet tiles into a product for the modern home.

As part of Interface, Heuga share many of the same environmental honours and long-term goals with especially impressive results in Europe, where 96% of products are European made from 100% renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro.

Heuga is about more than sustainability though, as both a commercial and domestic focused manufacturer, they really aim to offer incredible choice and lots of attention on design possibilities to convince the public that carpet tiles are a great home choice. Hugely diverse colour palettes and patterns, materials like natural wool and design variations in tile sizes and shapes mean that Heuga can work as everyday contract carpet tiles but also look great in modern, minimalist homes and superb in similar offices like media or design companies.

Part of the biggest and greenest carpet tile manufacturer in the world, Heuga offers a pedigree of market leading innovation and incredible variation and choice in their products.

Heuga have produced many other impressive ongoing results since a major environmental consultation in 1996;

  • 80% reduction in landfill waste per unit
  • 80% reduction in water intake per unit
  • 43% reduction in energy use per unit
  • 60% reduction in non-renewable energy
  • 44% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

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