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Carpet tiles are an essential choice for practical and affordable but great looking floors in commercial offices, retail stores, public buildings and other business properties throughout the UK.

From the manufacture and development of carpet tiles to practicalities of installation and modular flooring care, this is a product that has been evolved to fit perfectly into a vast range of industries and buildings and today offers a huge range of benefits to business users.

Our advice centre looks at how this product was conceived, developed and manufactured, the best ways to install tile and the proper care to get the most out of the product.

Understanding the details of modular flooring systems helps commercial businesses like offices, retail stores, doctor’s surgeries and public buildings make better informed choices about the ideal carpet tiles for them. Today it is possible to make all sorts of choices dependent on where you are putting in carpet tiles, how the space will be used and moral choices like choosing an environmentally friendly carpet tile manufacturer. 

Carpet tile installation

The practicalities of laying carpet tiles and benefit of using a professional installer; this section also looks at the best uses of carpet tiles in commercial environments like offices, and some creative design routes to take with modular flooring systems at work or at home.

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Carpet tile care and proper usage

This is a product that is all about putting a soft floor where a hard floor should practically be, and getting the most out of your carpet tiled floor requires some ongoing but simple maintenance that can be provided by a specialist floor maintenance company or your own facilities team.

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