Carpet Tiles at Home

Carpet tiles were designed specifically for commercial offices, but today a range of design styles and new materials has made them a perfect choice in family homes and trendy minimalist interiors.

People often think of carpet tiles as being budget carpets with scratchy fibres that always look rather cold and dull, but modern modular flooring techniques are creating genuinely exciting colours and possibilities that are quickly finding their way into homes.

A few reasons why carpet tiles are rapidly becoming interior design favourites include;

  • Perfect for kids bedrooms
  • Virtually child proof in any room
  • Fade resistance for sunny rooms
  • Ideal for minimal design styling
  • The only carpet option in a kitchen
  • Practical in the dining room or lounge

From trendy apartments looking for the height of minimalist comfort to the extremes of flooring practicality in family homes to withstand kids, pets and any other wear and tear or likely cause of spills and stains!

The same benefits that apply in busy commercial properties are just as attractive and have an even greater impact in the home. Hallway carpets that do not show wear for many years, kitchen carpets that resist stains and are easily washed clean or fast and simple replacement and rotation when a tile is stained or damaged; designed for practicality, carpet tiles are the ultimate day-to-day-soft floor furnishing.

Designed to handle anything a busy commercial office property can throw at it they deliver resilience in look, feel and colour for years in domestic homes.