Creative Modular Flooring Design

One of the main developments in carpet tiles in recent years has been aesthetics; where once square tiles in drab colours were all that was available, there are now hundreds of colours and patterns.

Variation in colours is just the tip of the iceberg; carpet tiles have become one of the most creative floor covering options available thanks to a huge range of variation in tile size, shape, laying patterns and colour patterns.

Some domestic ranges even offer wood effect carpet tiles and natural variation is encouraged in the Interface range of Biomimicry carpet tiles; these use a huge variety of tile shapes and sizes in different shades on the same floor, creating a less sterile feel but maintaining the essential minimal tidiness of modular flooring.

Here are some creative design ideas that are getting regularly applied to carpet tiles in domestic and commercial environments;

  • Create colourful checkerboard patterns
  • Design bold aesthetic patterns
  • Mix thread directions for subtle patterns
  • Use rectangular tiles for parquet and monolith("ic") patterns
  • Combine multiple sizes and shades for natural variation
  • Highlight walkways in colour or tile
  • Create comfort areas on laminate or vinyl floors

Next time you plan to have new commercial flooring installed at your offices or at home, keep carpet tiles in mind as a floor covering that offers real design flexibility as well as practicality. Quality contract flooring installers or interior designers and refurbishers can often provide advice and recommendations on design approaches with any floor and will be able to suggest some tailor made ideas for creative modular flooring use in your business property.

Designed for hard wearing practicality, and now exploding into thousands of colour and pattern design options, carpet tiles and modular flooring can bring elegant subtlety or brash bright colours, the room atmosphere you create is entirely your choice.